Gender Selection of the Unborn Child

To Be a Boy or Not to Be a Boy, That is the Question.

Having 2 children of my own, 2 boys, I have always been scared of having another as; although I have 2 nieces who I love dearly, I am scared of having a girl as I feel that it would throw the dynamics of the family on its head. Anyhow, I am heading for forty and I am also told that girls are much harder than boys. But there’s at least 3 more topics.

In these times of technological advance, where science breakthroughs are a daily occurrence, it would be believable if we were told that we could select the gender of our unborn child. Well you can, but its invasive, expensive and you have to meet the strict eligibility requirements 1st.  During Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) eggs are harvested from the mother and sperm from the father, the eggs are fertilised externally, where they are screened, and only the healthy desired embryos are implanted and the pregnancy continues as normal.

105 boys are born to every 100 girls (National Centre for Health Statistics)


  • Moral and Ethical Concerns
  • Influencing natural selection
  • One sex may be seen as inferior
  • What other traits could be breed out of the human race?
  • Only available to the rich

This way of selecting the gender of your unborn child is more desirable than the methods used in other countries where this method is unavailable to them.  Due to cultural pressures in India and enforced birth permits on the women of China,  this month 50,000 female foetuses will be aborted in India, and according to the United Nations Populations Fund there are 60 million unaccounted for females in the whole of Asia.   Alongside the horror of these statistics, this has left China with 25 million men who cannot find wives.

Overall, Asia’s population needs educating.  Parents need to be taught that a female is just as capable as a male, that they are able to look after their parents in their old age and can be educated to just as high a level and higher,and can provide for themselves and their families.


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