Madder Than a Box of Frogs

The rain had stopped so I decided to nip out to the shop.

When I walked through the garden gate my eyes were drawn straight away to movement on the ground.

At first I thought it was starting to rain those big fat rain drops again and it was those bouncing on the pavement.  But no they were frogs, not hundreds of them, but quite a few.  I love frogs and as people interested in nature probably know, they are declining.  All of the frogs seemed to be heading in the same direction, southeast.  Unfortunately, this was across the road, and looking at the road there was already some amphibian casualties.

So I got one of my little one’s toy trucks and began to fill it.  Before long I had my 2 boys, husband and 2 neighbours clearing the road.  But the frogs just kept appearing.

This was about half way through the collection; I probably ended up with about 30 – 40 and 2 filthy children to match.

Please feel free to leave comments or links about frogs and by all means if you are a frog expert I would love to hear from you.


I feel I’ve done my bit for all Rana temporaria kind.


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